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Jané was established in 1932 in Barcelona, Spain, and boasts over 80 years of experience in the pram and nursery industry.
Manuel Jané Vidal proudly created a pram for his newborn son, Ramon. It caused admiration among friends and neighbours encouraging him to build a couple of pushchairs, which folded up making them far more convenient. He took his creations to one of Barcelona‘s leading department stores and the first orders came through, just one week later, and Jané began to manufacture folding pushchairs, with many more product innovations to follow over the years.

Jane’s Philosophy

Jané‘s design and technology innovations ensure that all products are designed for babies‘ health as well as safety. The company is committed to developing revolutionary products, which are protected by patents to produce superior pram and car seat equipment that outperforms the competition. Jané is one of the few children’s product brand names in the world that has its own child-safety research and development center. The center is one of the few such testing laboratories and it boasts some of the most advance technology in the field.