Konfidence™ has grown over the last 15 years as a direct result of the success of the Original Konfidence™ Jacket.  It has helped tens of thousands of children to learn to swim, and enjoy swimming and playing in the water.


Konfidence Swimwear is a family business that started trading in the UK in 1998. the initial idea was to design, manufacture and distribute the Konfidence Jacket™ buoyant swimming aid for children.


Konfidence founder Andy had seen there was a need for a really good alternative to arm bands/water wings and hand held swimming devices whilst shopping for his own children. The simple, innovative concept was to marry floatation with the comfort and good looks of a wetsuit. The peace of mind the Original Konfidence Jacket™ gives to parents as well as children has been key to Konfidence success.


Konfidence range now covers baby swimming, buoyancy, sun protection and beachwear. 


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